Digital Communications Specialist

I am currently employed with News Corporation’s publication the Townsville Bulletin as the Digital Editor, after graduating with a bachelor of journalism from UQ. In addition to this I hold a Diploma of film and television and have run my own personal lifestyle website for the past three years. These components have allowed me become a digital communication specialist with a unique skillset.

In my current role of Digital Editor, I am solely responsible for populating and maintaining the Bulletin’s website with content from the current days paper and the wider News Limited group. I am also required to maintain user engagement and advertising components, while also communicating with the audience through social media channels. In addition to role of Digital Editor, I work as a general reporter creating content exclusively for the website and also contributing to the newspaper.

On a daily basis, I prepare and publish multiple articles including my own content to the website. When performing this task I combine the mediums of text, pictures, audio and videos to enhance the works as much as possible. Further to this I create headlines and tags that help with search engine optimization. 

When working as the Digital Editor and reporting, I must demonstrate strong and professional communication skills. It is my job to create content in an articulate manner so that the audience can be easily informed of newsworthy events. My demonstrated success in this area is evident in my reporting when working on complex issues such as those containing government legislation. To communicate these issues with clarity to the audience, I obtain information from sources such as websites, press releases and interviews. Once I have gathered all that is needed I compile the information into an article that covers all key aspects to ensure readers can have a clear and concise understanding.

Working for the media in both print and online means that I have to constantly adapt my communication skills for the medium. When dealing with print I have to be aware of length limitations due to the nature of the newspaper format. Online on the other hand creates greater freedom for length and enhancements. I have demonstrated experience with this from my role as the Digital Editor. Working in this role I am aware that the modern online users expects more than just text. This means when preparing work for online, I adapt my practices to embed pictures, videos, audio and hyperlinks to other articles of interest that correlate to the article and give the fill the audiences needs in the digital landscape.

In addition to written and mixed media communication methods I am highly proficient in communication and marketing across social media channels. In the current the digital landscape users expect to be kept up to date with the latest information as it breaks. A prime example of this would be a traffic crash that has resulted in road closure. In this instance I would create a short article for the website that entrails as many vital details as possible. After this is completed I will publish the article and push it across social media channels so that the largest audience possible has been reached.

Not only is social media important for quickly breaking news, but also it is a valuable tool in marketing ones organisation. I believe any organization looking to thrive in the current digital landscape should be engaging across all forms of social media as it provides an avenue to push out topics of certain interest that will drive traffic back to your website. In my social media strategy I use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Radian 6 and Hootsuite. Additionally, I consider myself to have a keen eye for new trends. I feel that I have a keen understanding of what users engage with on social media and I feel it important that I hold the ability to manage a high standard of accuracy and consistency.

As the sole representation for the Bulletins online presence means that I have to be self-motivated to see results. I personally make it my duty to make sure that I am building the website quickly and concisely to obtain the high user engagement. To make sure I am maintaining good results, I compile weekly reports from Google analytics. This allows me to use statistics on pageviews, unique visitors and average time spent on to gain an understanding of what content the audience is engaging with most. I use this information to shape the content used online.

I believe that I have a demonstrated ability to nurture internal and external relationships on a daily basis. It is essential in the media industry to maintain working relationships with both internal and external clients.  From a reporter’s perspective, building rapport with sources is very important is it helps to get exclusive leads when newsworthy events are happening. It is also helpful when interviewing persons with diverse backgrounds.

From the Digital Editor perspective I am required to have good working relationship with those in the newsroom because on many occasions throughout the day, I am need to follow up with them to make sure I am getting stories filed for online, so the website can remain as up-to-date as possible. Also as the Digital Editor, I work with advertising marketing, and photographic sections and I am responsible for the placement of ads, photos and in house marketing on the website. This requires me to liaise with clients and staff members to ensure the result meets their expectations.

My personal integrity towards completion of tasks is evident in in my approach to my work, which incorporates heavy workloads and stringent deadlines that are enforced on a daily basis. To ensure the paper and online run smoothly there must be communication with all editorial staff across the newsroom. For myself, this means liaising with fellow workers to let them know both what I am doing online and what I require from them.

Working in a senior role for Australia’s largest media organization means that I must make sure I maintain the strategic directions, corporate guidelines and directives provided by News Corporation. This means I achieve exceptional results in the discharge of my duties because I take responsibility for the tasks I undertake and always strive to produce the highest quality outcomes.

My demonstrated ability to confidently present messages in a precise and meaning manner allows me to work autonomously with in the team with the total trust and support of management. My ability to structure both written and oral communication is evident in my day-to-day work, where I conduct interviews and liaise with many different people. These skills have led me to obtain interviews with national and international personalities who have praised the final content. However, I am also open to ideas from others so that I can improve both my own work and the website as a whole.