Digital Communications Specialist

I am currently employed as the Digital Editor of the Townsville Bulletin after graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism from UQ. This is supplemented by my Diploma of film and television.

The Bulletin is part of the News Limited group and I am responsible for the daily running of the papers website presence. On a day-to-day basis I am required to select newsworthy articles, including breaking news and rank then publish them online, while stylizing them with pictures videos and audio. I am responsible for the creation of photo galleries, placement of advertising, moderation of comments and audience engagement across social media platforms.  Additionally, I create weekly reports of page impressions and unique browsers from analytics to send to management.

All these aspects require me to have an understanding of what topics the local (and national) audiences consume and interact with. Since I joined the Bulletin, website statistics have constantly reflected  high standards.

When not maintaining the website, I employ a high quality of reporting and write articles for the newspaper.  I have received numerous accolades for my strong ability to understand and enhance the subject matter.

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In addition to industry work, I have started my own website G&T Online Magazine. The website has now been running for close to two years and since its inception, I have personally written and published hundreds of articles. It is my personal goal to make sure the website is regularly updated, challenging me with new deadlines and sourcing of fresh articles.

The website following has grown significantly and receives regular visitors from across the globe.  As a credible media source it has allowed me to interview some of the biggest names in the entertainment industries and has given me access to special events, most recently with the Big Day Out festival.

During the early stages of developing the website, I did a lot of research in the community to establish the type of articles and material they would like to see and identified that there was an opportunity to showcase new (or established) people from the art, music and fashion industries and discuss their virtues, activities and coming events.

While upholding my own quality of writing, I have also taken on board several other writers to assist in the production of articles. When I receive work from these writers, I am responsible for editing the material for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors to maintain consistency on the site.

Further to giving me experience in a reporting and editing role, The Bulletin and G&T have familiarised me with using the Content Management Systems. I possess strong skills that extend to updating and formatting blog post entries to fit company style guides, embedding images/video, creating hyperlinks to internal and external URLs and the ability to embed HTML and Script into blog posts. I have also developed basic CSS skills with a drive to learn more.

My Bachelor of Journalism, along with my previous film and television diploma has given me extensive experience with film editing software Adobe Première Pro. With this suite of skills, I have been able to grasp the basics of other Adobe Suite software’s such as Photoshop, Audition and In Design. All of which are important skills when building a business, as effective communication needs to span a variety of mediums in order to reach the largest audience.

I have extensive experience in the world of social media, through both my online positions and a stint at Virgin Australia. My experience includes the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media trends as a marketing tools for website traffic and visitor interest, as well as a tool to respond to customer enquires in an global business environment with established company guidelines.
Additionally, I have used software Radian6 to follow interactions and look for trends that may be occurring.

All in all, my skills and knowledge are of professional standard and thus I believe I would be a valuable asset for any communications role.