Digital Communications Specialist

I am currently employed as the Digital Editor of the News Corp’s regional daily publication the Townsville Bulletin.

Supplementary to this role I am the Editor for the weekly youth lift out Savvy, a general news reporter, columnist, film reviewer and feature writer.

In my position as Digital Editor, I am solely responsible for managing the newspapers presence online.

This requires me to do a daily build in which I update all sections of the website by carefully selecting content applicable to our audience.

Further to the generic news content I upload, I manage the placement of advertising, polls and build specialty long form stories with a number enhancements.

While I have been Digital Editor, I have implemented an EDM campaign to increase traffic and have trained majority of the newsroom in basic content management.

In addition to website, I am also required to manage the social media channels utilised by the company.

Since coming into the position, I have seen a steady growth in followers on user engagement with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

As Editor of Savvy, I am required to compile the weekly lift out by writing stories, sourcing pictures and using social media for a VoxPox.

I have full discretion in selecting stories and choosing what will be run on the cover and throughout the publication.

Included amongst the sourced stories is a weekly dating column that has received great accolades since its inclusion.

When doing general news reporting I don’t have a set round on which I focus, rather I report on a diverse range of topics of interest to the community.

Despite not having a round, I have managed to score a number of splashes and weekend reads.

In terms of features and movie reviews, I am proactive in pitching stories to the Bulletin’s Saturday lift-out the Townsville Eye.

I remain proactive with these mediums so I can develop as an all round writer.

All in all, I feel my diverse skillset and wealth of knowledge make me am a valuable asset to any team.